Back in England!

That’s it, we are back in sunny England. We left Niort at my brother’s  early morning, after 2 mugs of fresh coffee and I let Denis convince me to take two pains au chocolat for the journey.

We arrived at Calais (photo below) early evening and looked for a nice restaurant. We found one nested in the town center, it was welcoming, food was different and delicious. We may come back! Then in the morning, we sailed from Calais at 8:20 and now Steven is negotiating his way in the traffic on the M25. He wishes he was still in France as his hols end tonight. I am happy to say that  I’m back at school and college at the beginning of September. Have a blessed day!




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Deliverance Not Limited !!!!!!

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He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee. (Job 5:19)

Eliphaz in this spoke the truth of God. We may have as many troubles as the workdays of the week, but the God who worked on those six days will work for us till our deliverance is complete. We shall rest with Him and in Him on our Sabbath. The rapid succession of trials is one of the sorest tests of faith. Before we have recovered from one blow it is followed by another and another till we are staggered. Still, the equally quick succession of deliverances is exceedingly cheering. New songs are rung out upon the anvil by the hammer of affliction, till we see in the spiritual world the antitype of “the Harmonious Blacksmith.” Our confidence is that when the Lord makes our trials six, six they will be and…

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End of our hols, in the marais Poitevin

I could count many reasons why it is lovely to spend time with my brother. He is fun, witty, loving and generous..He has transformed his new house in a cosy home. He loves cooking and entertaining and we have met most of his best friends at diner parties that he throws sometimes at the spur of the moment. Today he took us to the Marais Poitevin where his friends Christiane and John live. John is an English man who has lived in France for numerous years and whose French is extremely good. In the photo below, Christiane, my bro, my hubby and John. They are blessed to have their house facing the canal and Christiane was saying how busy the place gets in the summer. Implying that summer has gone, it is true that the temperature has dropped a lot, it feels more like autumn!

 that looks quite quirky with its odd steel bridges, his bent ditches full of water and ‘ragondins’ and its green fields providing sweet pasture to beautiful white horses and sheep. However, we could not understand why the poor horses were covered with flies. 

Back in Niort we went shopping in Leclercq and then my brother prepared one of his speciality, a couscous with all the trimmings. Then I had a dip in the dimly lit swimming-pool.This was rather nice! 

I give thanks to the Lord for an awesome holiday! What about you, what did you do this summer? N.

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From La Ciotat to Langon and now in Niort

Here we are in Niort where my brother lives. He was telling me that the Maire managed to have the whole town center renovated with easy pedestrian access even though most of the shopkeepers were against this project to start with. In the end it paid off and the town with its neat look attracts many more tourists.
We went out for diner and discovered a lovely restaurant in the area of La Brèche, top quality food, Steven and I ordered a plate of various seafood and we weren’t disappointed. My bro had beef carpaccio and loved it too.
Today I enjoyed attending a lively service in the Baptist Church one street away from my bro’s house; then we shared lunch with friends and went for a walk in the nearby countryside. Tomorrow we’ll do a bit of shopping for souvenirs and on Tuesday we will move to Calais.
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More photos of our holidays in France



Biking along the causeway of Jai was so agreeable, on the right we admired the Etang de Berre  DSCN2748




aigrette 2



The Ile verte is a tiny island in front of La Ciotat, We did not have time to visit it. We continued our holidays noving to our friends who live an hour away from Bordeaux. So watch this space! Have a relaxing and blessed summer! Ile verte

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