The Bible – God’s Eternal Word


The bible is the Lord’s word, read on…

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The gate, subsequently called the Golden Gate, was closed up by Sultan Suleiman in A.D. 1543. In Kaiser Wilhelm’s plan to capture Jerusalem, he hoped to enter by this gate, but his hope was dashed. The gate remains closed.

Voltaire boasted that the Bible would be a dead book in 100 years. When the hundred years had passed, Voltaire was dead and his house had become headquarters for the Geneva Bible Society. Ingersoll made a similar boast. He said that he would have the Bible in the morgue in 15 years. It was he, not the Bible, who went to the morgue. The Bible outlives all its critics.

You would think that men would wake up to the fact that the Bible is God’s eternal Word and that it will never pass away. But then, as Jonathan Swift said, “There’s none so blind as they that won’t see.”


Luke 1:76-78

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Breaking down on a Friday night!

Remember my trips to Bristol to see my darling daughter. Well I’d just come back from work when she rang me and I asked her if she wanted to come and see us this week-end. She did not make her mind up and she was driving home. Five minutes later, she is on the phone again telling me that the clutch is funny. Two minutes later, she explains that the car won’t start and she is in an awkward position, a single lane joining a dual carriage way!
Steven is saying: ring your break down assurance
She says, panicky: I don’t know where is the number..
I won’t put all the details..she is waiting now for a break-down mechanic to come.
So I did pray in between all the pauses. Eventually a friend stopped by so she is sooo reassured.

There’s No Such Thing As The Worthy Poor


This is worth reading! Have a blessed Saturday.

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* The Homeless Jesus statue in Toronto

I remember my first time like it was yesterday. I was fifteen years old. It was Christmas morning. As a gift to our entire family, my mother had the brilliant idea to go down to the Annual Red Andrew’s Christmas Dinner and help feed the needy in Oklahoma City.

You can imagine our reactions. All of us had made lists and checked them twice, and I can promise you this: hairnets and homeless people were not what any of us wanted in our stockings. But we couldn’t say no to Mom, so we sucked it up and got in the car.

All the way there, mom was saying, “It’ll be fun! We’ll meet some new people. We’ll get to serve some food. We’ll probably even get to hand out presents!”

Mom was wrong.

By the time we arrived to the volunteer booth, all…

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Art exhibition

wpid-20140620_190259.jpg I am a proud mum.

Here is Im’s final major project called Pain is beauty. The smallest embrodery hoop took her up to five days to complete! Beads of all shape and colors found their way in almost every room…The exhibition is at Stafford college and ends tomorrow so if you want to be inspired or amazed, go there, you will love it ..and it’s free!

Have a blessed evening. N.



The world’s skinniest house!

smallest house 2 smallest house 3 smallest house


The House is located on the plot measuring 92 centimeters in its narrowest point and 152 centimeters in its widest point. “That is why at first it seems that the construction of living space within such premise is impossible. Keret House is to contradict that false image, simultaneously broadening the concept of impossible architecture”, says the architect . The house itself is 72 centimeters in the narrowest and 122 centimeters in the widest point.

Would you be able to live in such a tiny house? I know that personally I couldn’t.

Have a blessed evening.