Thoughts on twitter

When I mention the word twitter, I usually get three kinds of responses, the ‘so what’ from the ‘anti-computer’ minded, ‘not bad’ from those who have tried but are not hooked yet and an eager ‘yes, come on’ from the addicted! In my view, there are excellent aspects to consider with Twitter, first, easy to use if you can summarise your thoughts and still express your views with force, second, friends of friends will add you on as soon as they see one common cause between you and them, i.e. you care for the environment, or you love classical music or you are into cooking …third, there is no permission required to ‘make new friends’, you follow or you don’t! The one inconvenient is the ‘business’ side, people using it to promote sales of any kind and using it as a free advertising platform.. Suppose there is nothing you can do to stop that!

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