I find Mondays quite exciting really!  I like to think over what I have done at the week-end and nowadays, for some reason, I really appreciate the week-ends. It was not always like that but that’s another story. So I will go back over the week-end. Friday night, while the girls and their friend were playing monopoly, I was still wondering whether it was wise to drive to Cheltenham to take Cam back home. I think that in the end the weather would be a determining factor! When I woke up at about 8 (not on schedule but that’s not a surprise), the skyline formed by heavy white clouds was low but there was no snow and you could guess that the sun was trying to pierce through. I put the coffee on and got dressed, only then I woke Cam up and she got ready fairly quickly. I move on. Somehow as Cam was loading the car with her luggage, I remembered what Steven had said about my tyres, the front ones, ‘your tyres are low’ and as he was still asleep, I did not have the heart to wake him up so he could do it using his special machine, don’t ask me its name because I can’t remember. So in town as I fill up the tank (being very happy that the price of diesel has gone a little down) I checked the two front tyres and they were really low! 20 p for 2 minutes and I managed to do both of them just on time before the noisy machine stopped! 🙂

On the way to Cheltenham, no much traffic on the M6 nor the M5. Suddenly I stop our conversation, snow à babord as they say on the French marine, the hills in front of us were covered with snow and tiny snowflakes started to fall on the windscreen but the road was dry. We stopped at the flat for 10 minutes, took Cam’s stuff in, wonder why the neighbour’s black bin bag is still outside his door, then we went to Cheltenham and had a lovely time…building memories for the future, walking through a lovely glade, by a red-brick bridge, two dogs dragging their parents in pyjamas, just by Waitrose.. I was back at our friends just on time for a presentation on a charity called Hands at work (this is the link, ) by David in Salt village hall. We were so fortunate to hear about this charity and the amazing difference that their love for those orphaned children makes in their life. We tasted a fabulous a 3 course african meal and had a fantastic time.  David showed us a ppt and talked about all the countries that he has been to and one of them was Lagos where destitute children and parents are in a dire situation. He told us that Some 15 million people are crammed into the lagoons of southwest Nigeria, and two out of three Lagos residents live in a slum with no reliable access to clean drinking water or electricity. These children are exposed to rampant diseases, as waste and sewage are deposited directly into the waters that their homes and schools are built upon.  Do you have a special charity?

Hands at Work in Africa
Hands at Work in Africa

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