Everytime I see the photos I took in Italy when my hubby and I went to Rome last half-term, I am caught in ‘reveries’. First trying to remember where we were and then which day of the week it was, and most importantly what was the weather like. Yesterday, I took the time to sort out the Italian photos, delete the blurred ones and crop others. When I am back in England, I wonder why on earth I took a particular photo. Somehow, it has lost its buzz. Others have become more interesting and I wish that I had taken more! That day, we walked from the hotel to the terms of Caracolla. The previous day, a film crew was filming in the center of Rome and their vans were parked by the park on the way to the terms.DSCN6149DSCN6174DSCN6169DSCN6168DSCN6157DSCN6152





Apparently, those baths could hold 1600 people. Rich and poor could choose up to 3 temperatures of baths and soak in beautiful pools.