Teachers to demand resignation of chief schools inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw over ‘stream of negative and inaccurate comments’

The demand will be made at the National Union of Teachers’ annual conference next weekend when delegates will also debate a motion calling for a boycott of school inspections by education standards watchdog Ofsted. They are incensed over changes to school inspections – which have seen schools previously rated as “satisfactory” now being told they “require improvement” and “are not a good school”.As a result, the schools can be forced to become academies with the head being sacked and new sponsors appointed to run the school.In addition, schools can be given less than a day’s notice of the inspection team’s intention to visit them. “There will be heads who go into work on a Monday and are told there will be an inspection on the Wednesday and by the next Monday they will be out of the door,” said Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT.

Is it a political agenda because the government or whoever is advising them, want the ‘academies’ to replace all schools? Is it the latest fad? Is it fair on our schools and our students?