Family concern: the future of our children.

Yesterday, one of my year 8 students used unwittingly her mobile during the lesson.

A split second later, one of the lads was calling out: – Miss, Clotilde is using her phone.

Clotilde went bright red and she blurbed out a weak excuse, ‘ my mum texted me’!

Later on as she handed me her mobile, she begged me not to log it in on the Big Brother’s system.


I won’t be allowed to go to the under-16 night out at C…., a local night club!

The whole incident reminded me of a similar situation when our youngest girl asked us to go out at one of those alcohol-free ‘events’.

The only difference is that she was not in Year 8 as Clotilde but in Year 10! Surely, it cannot be right that those night-clubs are allowed to market those events in schools at such a young age! Even at the time, I thought that it was just a marketing strategy to get the kiddies used to the idea of socialising in a night club.   They cannot wait until our children are at university but now they pick them up in the craddle!

PS Clotilde is not her real name!


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