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April 2013

Do you drink enough water?

I  started to drink water before going to bed and I noticed that my cramps disappeared! I also slept better. I have only tried to drink water in the morning a few times! What about you? Do you drink much water? I hope that you are having a very good week. N.

Animal rights

Every year I tackle in PSHE the topic of animal rights and we have a debate about banning or not circuses. This year, I realised that some of my students were not as concerned as the previous year and a few were passing some sarcastic comments. This is why it is so  important to inform youngsters about their responsibilities as animal carers. We should not assume that parents are concerned about animals because some of them are definitely not animal lovers . We held those sessions last term and I recommend the excellent resources provided by the RSPCA website. At the moment they have a campaign called Circuses are not fun for animals!

This morning, as I was walking from Great Haywood to Shugborough, I saw the massive tent of the Moscow State Circus and it brought back the issues to my mind.  As Nathalie Haynes writes it so well in the Independent, When I was a child, tigers and camels were creatures of great rarity – you could go to a zoo or a circus to see them, and that was about it. But decades of cheap foreign travel and expensive wildlife documentaries have changed our tastes: watching tigers jump wearily through a hoop or clamber on to a stool isn’t exciting anymore, it’s just unpleasant.great British Circus tiger in cage 2004. #169 Captive Animals' Protection Society

So before you  buy a ticket, will you think again? Have a blessed week-end!


Not a nice sight in my view, the massive then of the Moscow State circus in Shugborough!

Planning your holidays!


Last half-term, my hubby and I had such a great time in Rome that we would like to go back to Italy this summer. However this time we would not stay in a hotel but in a campsite. So tonight I am scouring google map trying to find a suitable ‘campeggi’ preferably similar to a CL. If you know of any on the ‘Liguria’ that you can recommend, do let me know! 🙂

PS It does not have to be by the sea!

Fitness is hard work!

In the last few weeks i have been participating in exercises but yesterday was very intense. After college, I went to the gym to do my usual cardio workout but this time I added weight machines to slim down my legs  by toning although i cannot lift very much (the most I can do was 10 kg) and there was no stopping after either because I already booked myself in to do the TRX Abs class and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I haven’t experienced anything as intense as since  I was a chubby 12 y.o. doing cross country in P.E. If you don’t like the gym but still like to improve your fitness I would definitely recommend MMA. It offers an amazing work-out, mix cardio and toning and I love it.  Imo

This was a fitness review written by Imo who kindly agreed to contribute to this blog! And I didn’t need to bribe her with her favorite ice-cream..Ben and Jerry’s..

Natural home remedies

My friend facebooked this interesting list of natural remedies, turmeric, pineapple, oats, peppermint, sea salt and yogurt! I know that one cousin of mine who happens to be a doctor may disagree..however I find this information rather useful!

Have a blessed evening!turmeric

Do you do enough for the environment?

Switching the light off, filling up the kettle for the right number of people you are entertaining and no more, making sure that there are plenty of food in the freezer, checking the setting of your toaster, recycling properly, these are a few things that reduce your footprint. When we started to use a compost bin, we realized that we were using less bin bags! Also the advantage of a compost bin is that you will use the compost to grow anything you like in your garden. Every little thing helps and you save up money too.  Have a shower instead of a bath or minimize the quantity of water if you have to have a bath!


Not leaving the television on standby or any other electrical appliances make a massive difference too! We are for ever nagging the children and each other but I think that it’s worth it!

What’s your view on recycling? Do you encourage your children too?

When I think about our planet, one verse of the bible comes to my mind.

Genesis 1:26 – Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.’ (NIV)

Shall we go to the pier?


– Shall we go to the pier?

– I’d rather not..he said

– Why not?…she asked

– Too much wind, my poor bones…

Two days later

– We could have gone to the pier…

– Not really, it’s still so cold.. and windy!Image

ImageOn the last day, a Sunday..after a jolly good service…we walked to the pier. It was not too windy. A film crew was at work. A very enjoyable afternoon. ImageImage



Caravaning in April by the Banks not far from Southport is full of delightful surprises. The site we chose is well looked after, dry grass, plenty of space, amazing view over sea marshes and beautiful sunsets. Tonight we finally tasted the free range eggs collected daily. Every morning we are greeted by noisy flocks of geese flying over our heads. Right in front of us, shell ducks are waking up alongside a dozen of sturdy rams, ewes and vivacious lambs.





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