In the last few weeks i have been participating in exercises but yesterday was very intense. After college, I went to the gym to do my usual cardio workout but this time I added weight machines to slim down my legs  by toning although i cannot lift very much (the most I can do was 10 kg) and there was no stopping after either because I already booked myself in to do the TRX Abs class and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I haven’t experienced anything as intense as since  I was a chubby 12 y.o. doing cross country in P.E. If you don’t like the gym but still like to improve your fitness I would definitely recommend MMA. It offers an amazing work-out, mix cardio and toning and I love it.  Imo

This was a fitness review written by Imo who kindly agreed to contribute to this blog! And I didn’t need to bribe her with her favorite ice-cream..Ben and Jerry’s..