Every year I tackle in PSHE the topic of animal rights and we have a debate about banning or not circuses. This year, I realised that some of my students were not as concerned as the previous year and a few were passing some sarcastic comments. This is why it is so  important to inform youngsters about their responsibilities as animal carers. We should not assume that parents are concerned about animals because some of them are definitely not animal lovers . We held those sessions last term and I recommend the excellent resources provided by the RSPCA website. At the moment they have a campaign called Circuses are not fun for animals!

This morning, as I was walking from Great Haywood to Shugborough, I saw the massive tent of the Moscow State Circus and it brought back the issues to my mind.  As Nathalie Haynes writes it so well in the Independent, When I was a child, tigers and camels were creatures of great rarity – you could go to a zoo or a circus to see them, and that was about it. But decades of cheap foreign travel and expensive wildlife documentaries have changed our tastes: watching tigers jump wearily through a hoop or clamber on to a stool isn’t exciting anymore, it’s just unpleasant.great British Circus tiger in cage 2004. #169 Captive Animals' Protection Society

So before you  buy a ticket, will you think again? Have a blessed week-end!