The estuarine croc !

 Tonight as I was preparing some question cards in French for my year 10, I came across a question on crocodiles. How did those crocodiles have managed to occupy so many South Pacific islands separated by huge stretches of ocean despite being a poor swimmer. There were three answers.

They stuck on the back of some turtles, they used currents or their eggs were carried in the beaks of the pelicans. I did not have a clue and so I asked Imo. Somehow she answered straigth away, the currents! I checked the answers and she was RIGHT!

I thought that I would read up a bit more!. The mystery of how the world’s largest living reptile – the estuarine crocodile – has come to an end. It has been solved by a group of Australian ecologists who say that, like a surfer catching a wave, the crocodiles ride ocean currents to cross large areas of open sea.Dr Hamish Campbell from University of Queensland and colleagues from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Australia Zoo tagged 27 adult estuarine crocodiles with sonar transmitters and used underwater receivers to track their every move over 12 months. Click here if like me, you find this topic fascinating!

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