onions, lamb and saladI mean, onions. I hated them when I was young, my French mum could not help putting them in every bit of food she used to cook and when I started to ask her, she blatantly would deny it. It lasted until my late teens when she could not disguise it any longer and I was allowed to avoid them. So what made me change my mind? When I came to England, in Windsor, in my twenties, I would admire my new girl friends’ culinary skills (mine were absolutely non-existent). They would cook onion soup, cheese and onion quiche and onions were part of their almost everyday recipes, even home made gravy!Later on, the smell of a burger fried with onions in a bap that we’d buy in a car-boot sale or an open rock concert made me change my mind. If you want to know about the health advantages that onions bring in your diet, click here!