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October 2013

Blustery to say the least

So we’ve been in Southport since Friday.  Saturday we went for a bike ride by the marsh off the River Ribble.The idea was to see a few birds but there weren’t any.
Monday afternoon we came back from town to discover that the awning took flight over the caravan roof and was damaged! Of course nothing to compare with what’s happened in the South of England…Fortunately the farmer who owns the campsite was very helpful and moved our caravane on a safer place with his tractor! Yesterday we visited the art gallery and we enjoyed very much an  exhibition called Love stories.

This morning the sun is out but it is still very windy! .Dear readers I  hope that  all is well with you.





Stupid Arguments (10/25/13)


Read: Jeremiah 44:24-47:7, 2 Timothy 2:22-3:17, Psalm 94:1-23, Proverbs 26:6-8

Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights.
(2 Timothy 2:23)


Relate: I was tempted to pull out some quotes. I was really tempted. It would have been really easy. You see, at last check, I’ve got 970 facebook friends. I figure at least fifty of them have no business owning a facebook account. Why? Because they just can’t help but get involved in all kinds of foolish, ignorant arguments and facebook is a breeding ground for such nonsense. I’ve got fundamentalist friends who will post nonsense about how all pentecostals have bought into the kundalini spirit. I’ve got pentecostal friends talking about how all dispensationalists don’t know how to read their Bible. I’ve got republican friends trying to convince the world Obama is the antichrist and liberal friends who say all republicans are…

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Back in Southport

We thought that we’d avoid the traffic if we left at midday but the M6 was so busy and to top it up traffic went slow because people were rubber-necking at the sight of a lorry gone all over the bank Behind there was a grey bmw with its front badly damaged.
So we arrived in ‘our’ CL campsite at 2 30 the owner loves his grass so he offered to pull the caravan with his tractor..While  he was doing so I took a few photos. .Steven had a bit of an upset while he was cooking the gas was not there no pressure so he had to go out in the midst of a tempest and change the calor gas bottle.
We are off to bed soon. Good night my friends. God bless.  Nicky 🙂




Mignonne, allons voir si la rose…




Pierre de RONSARD (1524-1585)

Mignonne, allons voir si la rose

A Cassandre
Mignonne, allons voir si la rose
Qui ce matin avait déclose
Sa robe de pourpre au soleil
A point perdu cette vesprée
Les plis de sa robe pourprée,
Et son teint au vôtre pareil.

Las ! voyez comme en peu d’espace,
Mignonne, elle a dessus la place,
Las ! las ! ses beautés laissé choir !
O vraiment marâtre Nature,
Puis qu’une telle fleur ne dure
Que du matin jusques au soir !

Donc, si vous me croyez, mignonne,
Tandis que votre âge fleuronne
En sa plus verte nouveauté,
Cueillez, cueillez votre jeunesse :
Comme à cette fleur, la vieillesse
Fera ternir votre beauté.

A very good friend brought a bouquet of beautiful roses and the classic poem that I studied at school came to my mind!
To Cassandra
Sweetheart, let us see if the rose
that only this morning unfolded
its scarlet dress in the sun
has lost, at vesper-time,
the folds of its scarlet dress
and its colour, so like yours.

Alas! See how rapidly,
Sweetheart, she has let
her beauty fall all over the place!
Nature is truly a cruel stepmother
when such a flower only lasts
from dawn to dusk!

So if you hear me, Sweetheart,
while your age flowers
in its greenest newness,
gather, gather your youth.
Age will tarnish your beauty
as it has faded this flower.

Have a blessed week. N.

More photos of Bristol

I had some problem inserting the photos I wanted in the last post so here they are because I was using the app on my mobile. The paintings on the wall in this street in Clifton (I think) were different!

A week-middle in Bristol!

I I am am having a great time in Bristol at my daughter’s. As she is working during the day we’ve had  late nights and this morning I simply couldn’t get up and just now she texted me saying she was tired! During my excursions I took a few photos. .20131010_124939Image

Organic milk versus ordinary milk


Organic milk — 52p a pint               Ordinary milk — 43p a pint

One carton in 12 of the 13 million litres of milk we consume in the UK is now organic

The pros           Healthier fats and other nutrients

Fewer chemicals

Children avoid eczema, Omega-3s tackle heart disease

Cows live longer, happier lives

Preserves traditional farming and rural jobs

The cons

No discernible better taste      High demand is leading to imports

9p-a-pint premium costs a two-child family £1,120 over 20 years

Cows less productive

The difference

Organic feed must be 60 per cent grass, hay or silage

Antibiotic use is limited

No herbicides or artificial fertiliser on pastures

Cattle usually traditional breeds, rather than Holstein and Friesian ‘super-cows’

Cows live longer and are less stressed and farms are encouraged to preserve the environment

When the children were younger, I used to buy organic milk more regularly.

After having read this piece of information I am very tempted to go back to organic milk. What about you dear readers, which milk do you prefer? organic or not? We do buy free-range eggs and as we live in a rural area, it’ s fairly easy to buy them in the villages nearby.

Read more:

The calcium battle: vegetables vs dairy

Photo: Need some calcium inspiration? Forget dairy and go for plant-based calcium sources to provide support to healthy bones and to reduce inflammation in the body. Win!Forget dairy and go for plant-based calcium sources to provide support to healthy bones and to reduce inflammation in the body. Somehow I keep reading snippets of information or I hear that dairy products may no be that good for you! Is  there enough evidence to drop your dairy products? What do you think? Have a beautiful day.

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