Organic milk versus ordinary milk


Organic milk — 52p a pint               Ordinary milk — 43p a pint

One carton in 12 of the 13 million litres of milk we consume in the UK is now organic

The pros           Healthier fats and other nutrients

Fewer chemicals

Children avoid eczema, Omega-3s tackle heart disease

Cows live longer, happier lives

Preserves traditional farming and rural jobs

The cons

No discernible better taste      High demand is leading to imports

9p-a-pint premium costs a two-child family £1,120 over 20 years

Cows less productive

The difference

Organic feed must be 60 per cent grass, hay or silage

Antibiotic use is limited

No herbicides or artificial fertiliser on pastures

Cattle usually traditional breeds, rather than Holstein and Friesian ‘super-cows’

Cows live longer and are less stressed and farms are encouraged to preserve the environment

When the children were younger, I used to buy organic milk more regularly.

After having read this piece of information I am very tempted to go back to organic milk. What about you dear readers, which milk do you prefer? organic or not? We do buy free-range eggs and as we live in a rural area, it’ s fairly easy to buy them in the villages nearby.

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