Praise, parties, family

At times I’d wish I kept a diary. We’ve been so busy that I struggle to remember what we’ve done since the school holidays started. I could do what I ask my form, a delightful year 8 class, about their week-end, give me two or three key-words. Once, Will raised his hand and said: x-box, x-box and x-box. Everyone laughed, including me! If I didn’t know his family, I might have been concerned but I also know that he has a developed sense of humour!
So, here are my three key-words, Praise, parties, family!
Praise the Lord for Jesus, the Saviour of all those who believe in Him and invite Him in their life, midnight service with friends and family,
parties, even carolling at the pub classifies as a big party, two wine and nibble parties, once after carolling in the street of Stowe, the other as a customary invite at our dear friends Jenny and Mike, I was also invited to watch a superb play in Nottingham, the 101 Dalmatians with my friends Sue and Phil, today was the ruby anniversary of our dear friends Sheila and Roy, tomorrow, another party, my hubby’s 21 x 3 birthday celebration!
family special time shopping in town for presents, having a gingerbread latte in Starbucks, opening presents and dining, watching some tv..










Therefore I thank the Lord for he has blessed us in abundance and I hope that you have had a marvellous time this Christmas. Blessings, in Jesus-Christ.

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