The Gospel Of John 6:22-27 #JesusisGod

Spiritual Wilderness

This is a really interesting section.  I have been using the divisions placed in the text by the Bible publisher.  However, there is so much in this section that I thought I should break it up a little more.  So, Jesus has fed 5000 and walked on the water.  He is sought out by the people from the previous miracle.  When they find him, Jesus kind of challenges them.  I find it interesting that he has been followed by people throughout his ministry thus far.  I wonder why it is that he challenges these people and not the others.  He would know their hearts, and I am sure that is why he challenges them.

So the people manage to track down Jesus.  When they greet him, Jesus tells them that they have only come to be fed.  He tells them that they haven’t understood his miracles.  They have only come…

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