When students have to juggle work and study!


I am talking about our daughter!

This photo was shot last Sunday at about 5 pm. (It seems a long time ago)

It was pretty sunny unlike today. I went to pick up our daughter at work however as I was early I treated myself to a hot coco and a big piece of bakewell cake! Then we went home and Imo got ready for her second job in the village pub even though she had a terrible sore throat.

Steven and I think that she is worn out. Too much work, not enough rest! She does not agree with us and does not want to cut down her hours.

On Monday (bank holiday) she did more research on her essay for her foundation course, comparing the styles of Coco Chanel and another French designer..(oups, I cannot remember his name).  As she was still not feeling very well, we went to see our GP who prescribed her some antibiotics. The point is that she accepted to text her boss at the pub to cancel her shift on Saturday night.  Victory!

I’d better go back to do some planning. Have a blessed evening!




  1. “Too much work, not enough rest”–I believe you are correct, but I just want to encourage you to think about how much you have to be thankful for. I suspect there are many others who wish their children worked more and rested less!

  2. I agree totally Margaret. She is hardworking, we are just concerned about her health at the moment and the fact that she is missing the deadlines at college.

    • Right. I taught at a college and understand about deadlines. if I let one student get away with missing a deadline, how could I not let them all? Most of our students didn’t have jobs, though, but some did–and families, too.

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