Teaching and tolerance.

teachingThe other day I was talking to a colleague who mentioned that at times she had enough and wanted to get get out of teaching and find another career. I told her that in my view teaching is highly addictive. She was surprised.
Here are the reasons: the buzz of new beginnings; September is a month full of hope for the children/teenagers waiting to discover their mates and their teachers, excitement for those friends who haven’t managed to see each other during the holidays, new resolutions for teachers and leaders who desperately want to excel in the classroom and lead their precious children on the way to mature young adults.
Marking and planning are not the most pleasurable tasks to do and they take lots of a teacher’s free time. This is why they actually are addictive. Our part of the brain is always thinking along the line..what about trying this activity, would they (the cherubins) like it? The use of technology has made teaching even more fun and helped motivate students. In languages, new fancy websites have been designed to help children memorise vocabulary, practice their pronunciation, even design their own activities on line. They are in charge of their learning if they want to. That is, if they can resist the appeal of other sirens, such as TV shows, games, facebook, instagram, movies.

A student was explaining to me that his parents did not come home until  6 and sometimes 7 p.m. and trusted him with his homework but he admitted:  ‘it’s a long day, I want to relax so in the end I watch TV ‘..he is only 14 y.o.  Parents must decide what’s best for their family, time spent together with their children and maybe drop the hours or even go part-time. Listening to our children is an important responsibility, and a hard one too as we need to decrypt their behaviour; it takes time to understand a child.  These days time evaporates. 

My other concern is that in too many state schools now in the UK, there is no act of Christian worship in assemblies, RE is often taught by non-qualified staff who are self-professed atheists. It seems that tolerance is only one way. Did you know that in 1780 a Jesus-follower in Great Britain named Robert Raikes could not stand the cycle of poverty and ignorance that was destroying little children, a whole generation. He said, “The world marches forward on the feet of little children. So he took children who had to work six days a week in squalor. Sunday was their free day. He said, “I’m going to start a school for free to teach them to read and write and learn about God.” He did, and he called it “Sunday school.”  May the Lord bless our children and teachers in our schools all over the country!

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