The best pasta ever!

I’m back in London visiting Imogen and having a great time. After 3 hours spent on the M1 only because I tried to download a GPS in one of the services..more later it was lovely to sit at an independent Italian cafe for brunch (Holloway Road) as I declined to go to Costa (oops).Imogen had an americano with hot soya milk,and two slices of brown bread with marmite. (I must say that it’s the first time I saw that on a menu..obviously I don’t get out enough) I asked for a poached egg on toast. A bit of a change is good, don’t you think? Back in her halls, Imogen cooked a delightful pasta in a white sauce with spinach, andon the side we had sliced red peppers. And I got to meet all her charming and amazing friends, Aman, Leah, Poppy, Anna! Have a blessed evening.




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