Du cote de Benet!


Today later in the afternoon we visited another house in Benet a big village on the road to La Rochelle. This was the first house that got our interest! When we went back at Denis, my brother, Steven cooked us quails in the oven with lovely roasted vegetables, eggplants, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, echalottes and of course French herbs.

Tomorrow we have another two houses to visit! Reflecting on the viewing we have done, the quality of it all is enhanced by the imagination of the estate agent. I explain, if the agent manages to picture a vision of the house beautifully decorated and/or renovated, somehow, we are going to associate her/his pictures in the viewing experience. Even though some of it may not be your first choice of renovation, it will help and make the ‘dream’ more real.

While we were out, my brother cleaned up the whole ‘terrace’ and as he put an old american film his dog Glam took advantage and fell asleep next to him.

Have a blessed evening.



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