This morning I heard my hubby praising the Lord for a sunny weather on his day off. He planned to plant various seeds and didn’t fancy moving cold soil! Before planting he built a special gate that hasn’t got any hinges to stop our two rabbits to go in the vegetable patch to be! image How do we protect our heart against the upsets that assail us daily? It took some time before Steven realised that the rabbits loved digging the soft soil and feeding on the new tender shoots. Spending time with the Lord asking Him to explain the why and what of a difficult situation is the first vital step. It may take a while especially if you are like me, a bit slow..

Secondly, I find patience a must! Steven’s idea to protect our veggie patch never disappeared but for a reason or another whether it was the weather or the lack of wood, he couldn’t get on his task. Reading the Word helps us to focus on the Lord’s timing. The Lord is ‘faithful and he will not let you be tested beyond our strength’ ( 1Corinthians 10-13)

Thirdly, thinking outside the box could be the answer!

The question is ‘Could it be that I am partly responsible for this situation that upsets me. The ‘if I ‘ comes to our humble mind but it’s too late so knowing that our Saviour restores our life and He is our sentinel we say sorry in true repentance and ask the Holy Spirit to comfort us and guide us.

Have a peaceful and blessed week-end!


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  1. An entertaining story…thank you for sharing it. I appreciate your support at my blog site and invite your questions/comments!


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