You are Beautiful

What is truly important and why do we people look at ourselves through a magnifying mirror? Sadly sometimes we look at others under a magnifying mirror also.

A Story By Me


This morning I was putting on my makeup using my magnifying makeup mirror.  As I put on my eye makeup I started to notice all the creases and crinkles around my eyes. I see my face everyday but for some reason today the wrinkles seemed to jump right out at me.

After seeing the wrinkles I began to see all kinds of tiny imperfections in my skin … I saw a pimple, my eyebrows had an occasional straggling hair in the wrong place, and If that wasn’t bad enough I also noticed that I seemed to have giant pores and my eyelashes were thinner in some places than others.

The more and more up I looked at myself the more I found wrong.  I then found myself correcting my eyeliner to try to open my eyes up more. I then got out the tweezers to pluck the straggling misplaced eyebrows and I actually tried to…

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