Five reasons to holiday in Wales

1 – Beautiful weather especially if you  are going in May

2- Caring family if you happen to have any living there especially in the rainbow Rhonda valley.

3- Hearing most people speaking Welsh will make you think you are abroad.

4- Lovers of photography, some wild nature and rugged scenery welcome you.

5- Quaint architecture, exquisite food, and a sense of well being.

IMG_20150523_100632384 IMG_20150523_131211546 IMG_20150523_165001532_HDR IMG_20150524_130934381_HDR IMG_20150525_074047923_HDR

Have a blessed day in Jesus name.

wpid-img_20150523_210340282.jpg wpid-img_20150523_210329444.jpg


  1. Hiya, from Manchester, it would be easier for you to drive to North Wales. As we were in South Wales, apart from the Rhonda valley and Talbot Green, we visited Cardiff; we parked easily near Cardiff City stadium and walked to Cardiff Bay, up to the Dr Who Experience. In previous years, we went to the Château de Caerphilly and Barry..Enjoy your visit in England. 🙂


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