I’ve meant to write this post for two weeks now! My cousin came to visit us in Stafford. We went to Oxford (previous post) and she was very keen to visit London, off we went. I drove there and by twelve we were desperate to find a free parking space in Highbury. In the end, we parked in the uni halls. After lunch in Southbanks, we decided to walk up to Tower bridge along the Thames. I must say that I misjudged the distance, it took us about an hour but it was worth it. We brought back Imo home and then it was time to go.

As we left it late to leave we arrived home at 2 am. My cousin managed to sleep during the drive and I thank the Lord it was a safe trip!

Just a few photos!

Have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!IMG_20150622_145303719_HDR IMG_20150622_145434403_HDR IMG_20150622_145744656_HDR IMG_20150622_145751069 IMG_20150622_152102764_HDR IMG_20150622_160633101 IMG_20150622_160705854 IMG_20150622_160710369 IMG_20150622_160734099_HDR IMG_20150622_160939351 IMG_20150622_161947806 IMG_20150622_163151322_HDR

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