Special time!


In spite of his busy schedule, my hubby managed to pick a day to go to London in order to visit our daughter. This was last Wednesday. We asked her to ask her boss that this day would be her day off and she sorted it out. We got up at six thirty, had a quick coffee and soon we were driving on the M1.  We also prayed that the Lord protects us during the whole day. On the way there, we were only delayed because of road works but nothing much. There was plenty of parking space in her busy street! We were so pleased to see each other and we were overcome by love and joy. When we finished moving all her stuff we went for a drink with her friend and then to Angels for a curry. When we sat down, the waiter announced that we should be fast as they were closing orders within 5 minutes. Still we had plenty of time to order. I felt blessed that we could have a special time before term starts.




On the way back home that evening, I tried to take a photo (in the car – not a good idea!) of the beautiful skyline, rain and sun giving a special effect, however it seems ruined because of the truck..not that I have got anything against trucks of course…

A prayer today. Thank you Lord for giving us the opportunity for this special time with our daughter and her friend, thank you for the conversation, the love and the joy. Thank you Jesus for what you did on the cross for us, for our new life as none of it would be possible without you. We ask you Lord that you protect all families and give them a special time to appreciate each other according to you love. In Jesus-Christ Amen.


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