Party time!


This is what I it felt like though there was no party as such. A few days ago Imo told me that she could come and see us next Wednesday! Then I did not hear anything from her until Tuesday night when she told me the time at which she’d arrive, it was 12:30..well on the day, she rang me to tell me that she’d miss the train so she arrived later. It seemed ages since I’d seen my baby…who turned 20 y.o. in August but she is still my baby..After deciding where she wanted to go for diner she rang her friend Ellie and Steven treated us to an Indian in Shimla. It was perfect..We came back home for pinapple and vanilla ice-cream…then we watched alltogether one of her favorite series..Yesterday went so fast.. I managed to bake a chocolate cake for her flatmate Amans’ 21st birthday and it was time for us to part again at the station.

Those precious moments are answers to prayers and I feel blessed beyond words! Today is Steven’s day off and as I am not working (again!!) we will walk to Great Haywood for a bit of exercise. Have a beautiful day!


  1. I thought so, but I still wanted to ask. She does look like you. Beautiful smile ­čśŐ

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