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January 2016

Before All Others (Colossians 3:23-24)

Source: Before All Others (Colossians 3:23-24)

Another Saturday


Cheers! Steven and I are having a drink in the Sun Inn and I thought I’d have half a cider, the least alcoholic and it happens to be a perry! Very nice!


We took some books to a charity shop ( it’s hard for me to get rid of books however it was a slow decision) and clothes and the Christmas tree. Then we used a voucher to buy two 5 litres interior paint in our local homebase which happens to be closing down. We were contemplating buying a steamer to take wall papers down in our French house but in the end we didn’t.
We haven’t been here together for a long time. When Imogen stayed with us last week we popped in on Tuesday after school!

I was very upset to read about the explosion in a hotel in Ouagadougou. Will you join me in  prayers. Our Father in heaven, we ask you to comfort the victims and their families,surround them with your love and draw them closer to you. We ask you in the name of our Saviour and redeemer Jesus-Christ. Amen
Hope you are having a great Saturday.

Beautiful nature


I am not sure I still qualify to keep on the Janathon challenge as I haven’t posted much about my daily exercises for a week. Our youngest daughter came back from London and spent a whole week with us so we were overjoyed! We’ve had a great time together. She’s back to uni now.

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Janathon day 4

Dear friends after a great day at school, I was overjoyed to spend the evening with Imo. Steven did a roast diner with all the vegetables including the roasties, Imogen’s favourite and a special vegan gravy for her. Unfortunately she didn’t like my butternut squash loaf because …it was a medley of vegetables… and not a loaf. Not to worry, practice makes perfect!

Tonight I wasn’t unsure of going out for a walk/run under the rain, still I went out and really enjoyed it!

Have a great Tuesday 🙂

Janathon day 3

Good evening everyone, well, I am not going to fib, I only managed to do these exercises:

1) going round Tesco alleys, I walked there for about 20 min and carrying a basket full to the brim with the help of my daughter

2) walking round the garden when I looked after my rabbits that were busy chewing every piece of wet grass in our muddy lawn, well it does not look like a lawn!

Imo came to see us and she prepared a lovely brunch, home made hash brown, spinach with soya cream for the vegan option; all I cooked was the bacon and the eggs! Her friend Lau spent the day with us so we had great fun, especially as we looked at Imo’s photos of Thailand! I will speak about her fantastic trip later.

Have a wonderful and blessed Monday. I am back at work 🙂


Verse of the Day – Luke 1:78-79

The Bottom of a Bottle

Luke 1:78-79 Luke 1:78-79

I have sat in darkness so many times, I’m thankful for God’s light, that always finds me in those dark places.

Jesus, humble Savior, perfect Maker,
There is no greater story
Holy Spirit, burn inside me, give me passion
That pours out to every nation, yeah

Shine Your light, shine Your light, I am Yours Lord
Lift me up, lift me up, I am no more
Let me live, let me live inside Your glory, glory now
Shine Your light, shine Your light, I am Yours Lord
Lift me up, lift me up, I am no more
Let me live my life inside Your glory, glory now

Father, how You love me
Give me shelter and cover me with Your mercy
You are moving, all around us
We are kneeling, desperately seeking Your face, Your way

Shine Your light, shine Your light, I am…

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Day 2 Janathon

Good evening my friends and welcome to you if you are visiting this website for the first timei.

I have just started this Janathon 2016 ‘dĂ©fi’ and I must say it’s a real challenge for me to blog everyday maybe more than exercising! I left home at 19 45 and followed more or less the same circuit as yesterday, the only difference was that I ran more, so I finished it in 20 min instead of an hour!

The downside is that the run became my excuse for not doing the butternut squash pie I intended. I will do it tomorrow instead! Also I need to change some of the ingredients as Imo does not like garlic, ricotta and onion. This requires deep thinking and it’s too late.

That’s all for tonight so I’ll speak to you tomorrow 🙂


Did you say Janathon?


First, I’d like to wish all my readers and friends a Happy New Year!

So I just joined Janathon, this means I have to do some exercises, tell people and blog about it! Tonight, at quarter to eight, I went for a fast walk round the neighbourhood and I thought I walked for one hour however it was only for half an hour. It shows that I am not that fit at the moment!

Now the confession is that as I joined my hubby to watch a bit of tv, I starred at the huge box of chocolates that our sister bought us for Christmas and thought we could have just a few..well we ate half of the box..

If you are completely ignorant of Janathon, I have copied the history here:

So, this Janathon thing. What’s it all about then?

Back in 2007, Joggerblogger aka [rich] of Ume Toys (that’s him over there >>>) was at work one day in May when his colleague and good friend, Preston, said ‘Hmm, I’m getting to be a bit of a porker and I’m going on holiday soon. I need to get into shape. I know, I’m going to run every day in June.’ Joggerblogger liked this idea and said that yes, he too would also run every day in June and so Joggerblogger blogged about his idea which caught the attention of other bloggers who also wanted to join in and lo! Juneathon was born. The first Juneathon inspired a handful of bloggers; 2008 saw a few more; Joggerblogger handed over the organising of Juneathon to Cathy at JogBlog in 2009 and she started keeping a list of participants (around 30 in total); 2010 saw Juneathon really taking off and we had 87 bloggers taking part.

Good night and God bless

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