Did you say Janathon?


First, I’d like to wish all my readers and friends a Happy New Year!

So I just joined Janathon, this means I have to do some exercises, tell people and blog about it! Tonight, at quarter to eight, I went for a fast walk round the neighbourhood and I thought I walked for one hour however it was only for half an hour. It shows that I am not that fit at the moment!

Now the confession is that as I joined my hubby to watch a bit of tv, I starred at the huge box of chocolates that our sister bought us for Christmas and thought we could have just a few..well we ate half of the box..

If you are completely ignorant of Janathon, I have copied the history here:

So, this Janathon thing. What’s it all about then?

Back in 2007, Joggerblogger aka [rich] of Ume Toys (that’s him over there >>>) was at work one day in May when his colleague and good friend, Preston, said ‘Hmm, I’m getting to be a bit of a porker and I’m going on holiday soon. I need to get into shape. I know, I’m going to run every day in June.’ Joggerblogger liked this idea and said that yes, he too would also run every day in June and so Joggerblogger blogged about his idea which caught the attention of other bloggers who also wanted to join in and lo! Juneathon was born. The first Juneathon inspired a handful of bloggers; 2008 saw a few more; Joggerblogger handed over the organising of Juneathon to Cathy at JogBlog in 2009 and she started keeping a list of participants (around 30 in total); 2010 saw Juneathon really taking off and we had 87 bloggers taking part.

Good night and God bless

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