A new beginning


We have now moved to France in Civray and the move in itself was smooth. I found the travelling between Calais and Civray so tiring that about 2pm I told Steven that I wanted to have a nap in one of the services. However I asked the Lord for strength and I forgot about it. It’s only when we relaxed in the caravan in the campsite of Civray that I actually realised that He helped me and I was ever so grateful!

We are still in the process of unpacking and sorting out the boxes that don’t have to be dealt with straight away. I hear some horror stories such as ‘We put these in the loft and forgot about them.’ Well no chance of that happening here because our loft is more like another floor so it’s very easy to access it, you don’t need a ladder!

Emotionally I am drained just because it’s so strange after having spent 30 years in England to be back in France. I miss my daughters and my friends so much already! For the last 7 years, we’ve been to France on holidays and now we’re living here. The other day, as I was walking in the ‘gallerie commerciale’ in Intermarché, I had fleeting reminiscence of shopping in Leclerc with my mum in Clermont-ferrand. The other day as I was mentioning a few things that happened in my youth, Steven told me ‘Stop living in the past!’ He is not quite right because somehow I can’t help it if something triggers memories! Memories are important but of course not as important as looking forward to what our Lord has got planned for us here. Sunday morning, we had an amazing time worshipping in the house church at our friends

This afternoon my dear school friend Brigitte who lives near Limoges rang me and we had a long conversation. Limoges is closer to the Auvergne mountains than Civray and she was telling me that they had lots of rain. Just before she rang me, the sun appeared!

Steven disappeared to his favourite shop of the moment, Bricomarché, I can have a look and take my time. Oh well, fair enough. While he was away I let our bunny out and disaster struck, he ran out by the fence and spotted the only place where there is a gap. I called him but he is a stubborn rabbit at times and walked away from me in the neighbours garden. I ran out in the street and tried to open their gate only to find out it was locked (this is France) so I went back in our garden and a few minutes later, Christopher rabbit came back with a smile on his hairy face!

Have a blessed evening.




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