Enjoy your week-end!

les halles a niort



I haven’t checked the weather forecast for the week-end yet here in Civray, Vienne, France but hoping that the sun will be back! At school, everyone I spoke to at lunch time told me how they were tired exhausted. So another week and it’s half term! Last wednesday, Steven and I went to our GP and she gave us more antibiotics to clear our flu-like symptoms.

I am back teaching in a ‘collège’ in Niort and this is why I ‘m sharing those photos. ‘Les Halles’ are a covered market. It’s a large structure built in the glass and steel design that was popular at the time (1869). It is one of the most impressive market halls of this type in France. The castle (le Donjon) was started by Henry II Plantagenet in the 12th century and it was completed by his son Richard the Lionheart. Following his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henri II, who also became King of England, took control of most of western France. He needed a strategic base from which he could maintain connections with England and defend his French possessions. Today, only the two towers and the 15th-century roofed building remained. The castle houses several museums, including an archeological museum on the ground floor.

I hope that you’ll have a blessed week-end!

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