In Adlington

After a tiring trip on the M6 we arrived in Adlington! This was on Saturday. The C.L. is by the canal and the Marina. That night we went with Verity and David to a restaurant called the Fat Pig…despite the name, it wasn’t just pork stuff!. Yesterday we went to St Peter Haliwell church for the early service. The sermon was about being brave. The vicar askef us to raise our hand if we thought ee were brave! Somebody did! Only one oups! He told us his story…then the vicar told us his story his youth group asked him if he would go bungee jumping. He thought there was no way he’d do that. However later he told them that if they did raise 200 pounds for fundraising he would. Two hours later the deal was done. He was very scared.

The apostles were terrified when Jesus appeared in their midst after his resurrection!

Still Jesus asks us to be brave! He wants us to speak to others about him. We have this mission: tell others that Jesus went on the cross to die for our sins so that those who believe in him are saved: this is the gospel. It was touching. In fact I cried during most of the service. Can’t say why.

Later we walked by the canal and then the ‘chef ‘cooked us steak chips and veg. It was excellent…


  1. I know why you cried! God was touching your soul, speaking to your heart and were feeling His love. Yes, we are to be brave and that means trusting Him no matter how difficult it is to share Christ with others.

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