Praise the Lord

For he is good. We are in E and R in Poitiers; last night after dinner Steven and I decided to take a bike ride to the river and we had a drink at the campsite. When we finished, we went over the wooden bridge and Steven skidded on the wet grass and fell. I stopped and went to see him. He was inconscient and as I was speaking to him I was also praying. He came back to his senses. However he was very disoriented. He kept repeating the same questions so I realised there was something wrong. The campsite’ s manager called the Samu and they took him to Poitiers; I biked home and drove to the Urgences. All the way there I prayed for his healing because I was so worried.

When I got there he started to talk and he made sense; he was the same as before and I was so relieved and amazed, thanking the Lord for his goodness. He recovered his senses in the ambulance but he also was sick and this a sign of concussion. I went back home at 4am.

Ive been here since 10 am and we are waiting for a scan of his side as he is in pain; this could be because his elbow went into his side.

Father we thank you for all your blessings, thank you that he found his senses now we ask you to heal Steven completely, we pray for all the sick in the hospital, the medical team and the nursing staff, look after them and speak to them, that they may hear your voice and know that you are the one and only God who is awesome, merciful patient and full of compassion, who hears our cries and is prompt to answer in the mighty name of your son Jesus-Christ Amen

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