The story told by my hubby!

The story behind the picture. And thank you for all the expression of concern and good wishes.

Nick and I were on an evening bike ride. Went into a small playing field at 22.10 and I noticed that the grass was wet with dew and never gave it a second thought. Headed towards a river crossing and that’s the last thing I remember.

Nicky heard me shout out which was followed by a crash. I was in a heap and out for the count. Not aware of much for about half an hour. It seems wet grass on hard soil is like riding on ice – cyclists beware.

An ambulance came and took me to hospital where they took x-ray of my left side as that was how I landed and also did a head scan – good news there was no bleed and I have a brain!

A bad pain around lower left ribs led to a second scan next day. That revealed bad news. Bleeding around kidney and spleen with some damage and also to artery between the two. It seems my left elbow crashed into lower rib breaking a couple and doing whatever. So it was ICU and no food for two days in case they needed to operate. I am now on CCU (continual care).

To top it off an IV point got inflamed and I had a temp of 39+ for 36 hours. Back to normal and everything is easing. I have another scan due and we will see what that reveals – hopefully nothing untowards ad then I may be released.



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