Did I put my armor this morning?

How was your day? I have got this enigma that i haven’t solved yet. I’ll share it with you!

Who can tear my mask? Which mask? 

I’m not aware of wearing a mask? Are we all wearing a mask? 

I went to a series of training days and I didn’t know any of the people there! 

Did they wear a mask? I am always keen of starting a conversation but then usually the other person gets on with it and will not stop…anyway, it doesn’t matter. It’s a bit like allowing someone to talk to you…but really they need to talk, to download all their troubles usually or in that case, she had to reassure herself so we (by then I’d talk to the other two girls on our table) had to hear a bit more that we expected…

I suppose a mask is quite useful? for protection?…

Only supposition…

My dear friends,

God  bless you with peace and wisdom, in the mighty name of Jesus-Christ Amen

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