How to Survive Christmas When You Just Don’t Feel It

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Surviving Christmas isn’t about whether we feel it or not, its whether we believe Him or not. And if we believe Him, we need to live Him and His light.

When the rocks speak

What do you do when you’re looking around and realize what Christmas should look like simply isn’t the reality for you? When all that holiday cheer seems to have skipped over you, how do you make it through the day? When all you really want to do is find some dark place away from all the lights, music, and laughter of those who seem to have such picture-perfect lives, where do you go? How do you survive?

Many days are hard, but why is it Christmas seems so much harder? Why is it depression and suicide seem to loom to the surface so much faster on Christmas of all holidays?

What if it’s not just what we’re missing during the Christmas season that’s the problem? What if its something that’s a part of Christmas that we don’t think about being there?

We see and think about the surface of what…

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