Shall we watch the rugby? Err….

Morning everyone! I arrived here last Saturday. The children picked me up at the coach station at 5 pm and went for a coffee and cakes! Then we went to watch the rugby in a pub…my first time, I’ve watched football matches in pubs before…cider and crisps..When the Welsh won only their fans cheered obviously, we were devastated. I guess my sister in law Pauline was pleased though…during the match I noticed the hard work done by the staff, not losing time to pick up the empty pints.. no time to talk, there were three screens in the pub, queues kept forming before and during the match..the sound system was excellent as we could hear clearly the commentary over the usual chatter of the crowd..

Then we popped in a Chinese shop to get more ingredients so that Vincent could prepare his home made sushi and walked back home.

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