New life!

Since I have finally retired -hurray!- I have enjoyed a bit of weeding and noticed this climber on our hedge. It appeared and then it flowered and attracted at least two kinds of bees! Brand new flowers having their place in the created world. Note that none of that was my doing. The previous owners planted the hedge, they looked after it the best they could..even though it is continually agressed by ivy.

The two cherry trees we have at the back of the garden were also there when we bought our house: they offer cherries in the season for all kind of birds and insects for the same birds all year round. We pick the cherries up and Steven makes cherry jam and relish.

What a God-given pleasure to benefit also from the other fruits of this garden such as mirabelles and pearls.

We give thanks to the Lord for his generosity. He is the one who does the growing.

Since I have met Him, my life has changed so much. Daily, He pours His blessings on us, our family and friends.

Dear readers, have you considered Jesus-Christ yet?

Grab a bible, his living Word, and make your own mind up about Who he is.

Don’t get influenced by people who haven’t checked who He is and just repeat what others say!

Invite Jesus-Christ in your life and He will look after you. More than 2000 years ago, He sacrificed His life for you and me willingly so that we can have a relationship with God. On the cross He took our sins and He redeemed us: that means He paid our debt.

Why? Because Our God is holy and the smallest sin stops us from having a relationship with Him. As Jesus resurrected, He has complete victory over the evil one and his minions. Jesus freed us from the tyranny of sins.

We have free will so the ball is in your court. My humble advice is to accept the offer: Love comes from God only, all good things come from Him. The Evil one knows He is defeated and will do anything to lure you into useless world pleasures away ftom the truth. We are living in the last days.. don’t delay..

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