Saturday evening in London (diary)

Verdict: it’s ever so busy! Still lots of tourists!

Good things have to come to an end and so my time at my daughter’s in Bristol.
I met up with a newly found friend at lunch time and it was a pleasure to meet her. Then I popped at the same antic shop where Cam took me last time I visited her. I was hoping to find a model boat for Steven however the most suitable was a wreck.Last nite Cam and I went swimming in the local pool It’s the second time this week and i thouroughly enjoyed it. Whether I should keep it up in Civray, I’m not too sure.
Then we had something to eat in a pub. Cam chose an unusual salad and I chose a burger.

It was still early so we went for a drink in a quaint medieval looking pub. There wasn’t much space but in the corner of the room, there was a DJ  sorting out ambience music that was very pleasant! For a change, I had half a pint of cider. We had a great time talking about all sorts. We both kept an eye on the clock as I had to go back to London.

This morning, Cam kindly drove me to the station for my train at 10.

Market stalls in the heart of London.

My phone died as I was touring a few antic bookshops in Charing Cross road. I had to ask directions.  Who do you ask? So I was trying to assess if they were tourists or Londoners! I didn’t do too badly, and they put me on the correct way to Holborn where Imo works!

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