Home now! (diary)

One bridge in Bordeaux

Dear friends,

It must have rained quite a lot during the night because this morning the pitch was more muddy than sandy! We got on with the putting away stuff and left the campsite at 11:40 am. When we joined the Nationale (that is free of charge unlike the Motorway) there were convoys after convoys of trucks all sizes! We were beeped twice and we thought that was strange. In fact, one of the flaps on the side of the caravane was left open. Mr A found a suitable place to park and lock the flap properly. Near Mansle there was an outpour of rain but somehow we arrived home (Civray in Poitou) at 2.20 which is according the the boss (Mr A) a very good time! His explanation was that the wind must have been on our side! That suits me fine.

While we were away, our friends looked after our rabbits! The ones that were out were the three cheeky ones, Christopher, Tim and Princess and I let them out in the garden straight away for about 20 min. Then I swapped them with the others: Papillon and Caline. As we needed to go food shopping, I lured them back in their ‘cabane’ with a few nuggets!

Before we went out shopping, Steven used the motor-mover to move the caravan carefully on our drive, then we took our stuff out of the caravan back in their place at home.

Hope and pray your day goes well and that you know the presence of the Lord who loves you always. In the name of Jesus-Christ Amen



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