8 Million reasons to pray.. for the lost in London

Who will reach this lost generation?

for the lost in London!

When I visit my daughter in Brixton, a suburb in the south of London, I go to a vibrant church called Stockwell baptist church. This is when I first heard of the 8 million reasons to pray for nearly all those who live in London and do not know Jesus-Christ! We were given a booklet called 8 Million reasons to pray full of articles about praying.

As this morning, I was going through the document, one caught my attention even more than the others. Its title is ‘Prayer that’s passionate about people we don’t know!

I quote: ‘London is a hyper-diverse city. In some areas, the majority of people won’t have Bible-believing friend to pray for them. The context of each borough, the ways to connect with each people group are unique and worthy of our understanding and care. .. There are opportunities for each of us to pick one group of people and love them well by talking to God about their salvation.

Who will you pick? the homeless, refugees from Syria, Muslims from Somalia, those trafficked into slavery, those enslaved to the pursuit of wealth, the actors in the West End, the athletes training in Crystal Palace, the commuters on the Jubilee line? The options are limitless!

Blessings, love and peace to you in the name of Jesus-Christ Amen



  1. I pray the Lord blesses Franklin Graham’s preaching in the UK! The LGBTQ tried to stop him from speaking, but they can’t stop the Lord! God bless!

  2. Greetings, Nickyab. As Christians, our duty is to pray for the peoples of all nations, races, social status 🙏. Thanks for your message 💖

  3. Praying for others is very important for us to do as Christians. Prayer that’s passionate about people we don’t know, I like this title that you saw, it is something to think about and put in action

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