I was wondering if…

you could be so kind to subscribe to my channel here please. I use a pseudonyme: Amarante …It would be lovely too if you could also leave a comment lol!!!

More news: if you are tempted to begin learning French you can also visit my website here

We had a great Sunday, Steven led the weekly on line worship; his talk was about the apostle Peter and I will add it on my channel shortly. During the morning service, we had sad news: one of Steven’s cousin, Richard passed away yesterday. Will you pray for his family please.

After an early dinner, we walked to our friends June and Dennis, not too far from our house. They have a fab garden.

Yesterday evening, our friends, Andrew, Lillie and their son Matthew visited us for a cup of tea and brought a very naughty but nice strawberry tart! Matthew and I played dominoes. The day before, our friends Paul and Jan popped to say hello.

At the beginning of the week, Steven repaired the tiled roof of the rabbit hutch, It’s been leaking for months and I had to put a bucket on top of a table so that it does not get too wet. His friend Ben came and did some of the difficult and heavy work i.e. the crawling on the roof! .His son helped as well. They had to take the tiles down and then put corrugated cement sheets . The repair job lasted two days, the first day, Ben’s wife Marya came and we had a ‘catch up’ chat. Marya is a web designer so if your site needs a new design, let me know and I will tell her!

Thinking or asleep on one leg?

Dear friends, I hope all is well with you, sending you blessings and love from this part of France, Civray in Vienne.


    • Dear Tangie, sorry i reply so late, i hardly go on the desktop . Thanks ever so much for your prayers. Hope all is well with you and your beloved. Blessings and love x


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