Covid 19 advice when you are confined!

My dear friends, both our daughters have had covid . One got it before the jab was available and the youngest was vaccinated.

Yesterday, Imo tested positive after work (she’s fully vaccinated – the 3 doses) so I thought I’d look for the advice my dear friend Cristal gave me here is is!

When cooking and preparing food, limit the amount of salt and high-sodium condiments (e.g. soy sauce and fish sauce).
• Limit your daily salt intake to less than 5 g (approximately 1 teaspoon), and use iodized salt.
• Avoid foods (e.g. snacks) that are high in salt and sugar.
• Limit your intake of soft drinks or sodas and other drinks that are high in sugar (e.g. fruit juices, fruit juice concentrates and syrups, flavoured milks and yogurt drinks).
• Choose fresh fruit instead of sweet snacks such as cookies, cakes and chocolate.
[08:39, 06/01/2021]

If its on her chest, in her lungs, she should not lay down but sleep and sit in a recliner lounge… this method drains the lungs.

Buy and use Eucalyptus Oil with a few drops in boiling water and breath the steam. Keep eyes shut as it stings. EUCALYPTUS OIL, ( do a research on the benefits) kills viruses. It is an antiseptic and reduces inflammation.

Tell her to take Zinc tablets and Vitamin C. Also, she needs to drink Schweppes Tonic Water. It contains quinine and will help her.

May the Lord our God protect you and bless you I ask in the name of Jesus our Healer and Saviour. Amen


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