A special encounter!

San Jose, Costa Rica

Morning sis and bros, lots of events are happening now, so many that it’s difficult to keep up!

First, my eldest daughter decided to visit Costa Rica where my cousin’s daughter live with her family. She’s had to prepare thoroughly for the trip.

Secondly, I volunteer at the ‘Croix Rouge’ in our town every Friday and one of our customers asked me ‘Are you a Christian? I said yes and we had a long talk. She invited me to go to her evangelical church in Ruffec on a mid-week service and I enjoyed praising the Lord and listening to the Lord. Going back on the same Friday, I told my hubby I’d pray that someone in the Croix Rouge vestiboutique would start talking about the Lord and I would keep on the conversation! This lady told me she had a vision of me and Holy Spirit prompted her to speak to me and invite me to their meetings. Wow, Praise the Lord our God!

More to come… but I have to move to our meeting.

Have a blessed Sunday, be confident that the Lord our God loves you and knows everything about you and when Holy Spirit nudges you, go for it. In Jesus name Amen



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