The truth…salvation …works

Good morning my friends, I have been in London for 3 days, I’m staying at Imo’s. The weather is variable, sunny but cold or wet but warm. Cam is due to come back from Costa Rica next week.

Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit,(H) said to them: “Rulers and elders of the people!(I) If we are being called to account today for an act of kindness shown to a man who was lame(J) and are being asked how he was healed, 10 then know this, you and all the people of Israel: It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,(K) whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead,(L) that this man stands before you healed. 11 Jesus is “‘the stone you builders rejected,     which has become the cornerstone.’[a](M) 12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”(N)

This verse Acts 4:12 should end all the controversy found in the ‘universalist’ or the ‘liberals’ who say we will all make it to heaven . . Note the relevance of the following verse: we can also those who think they are saved by their works and this is not true either.

My friends wherever you are, may the Lord bless you in abundance. I pray that all is well with you and that our Lord watch over you., and that when our King Jesus comes back, we are all ready!

Hallelujah! To God be the glory. in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

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