Are you married? Read on…

1 – It is very important to forgive our spouse for the hurt they caused and even to blot it out!

2 – Really? How can I blot it out when it’s happening regularly?

3 – What about if my spouse does not even apologise? I’m fed up to go back and make peace when his/her unsavoury comments started the argument!

4 – Have you had the impression of walking on eggshells even after the two of you felt close again?

5 – So you make up and everything is smooth until he/she starts nagging again…

The only solution: call on Jesus-Christ as the Lord our God is the only one able to change our heart and renew our mind! He looks after us during the tough times, his amazing love demonstrated on the cross for us, his redeemed children, will help us in all situations! Hallelujah!

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