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Beautiful nature


I am not sure I still qualify to keep on the Janathon challenge as I haven’t posted much about my daily exercises for a week. Our youngest daughter came back from London and spent a whole week with us so we were overjoyed! We’ve had a great time together. She’s back to uni now.

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Back in France!





Steven and I finally arrived in Civray at 6 40 pm. Driving down from Stafford to Dover was fine as the traffic on the M 1 was fairly smooth! We caught the 6 40 P & O ferry and had a small breakfast there! Steven likes driving in France because there is hardly anybody on the motorway! We noticed a fair amount of buzzards waiting patiently on the fences. You can buy a latte for less than £2.00 in any services! 
The boss is exhausted now so I will wash up and say ninite!
Be blessed and the Lord keep you safe, in the name of Jesus-Christ

Catching up!

Good evening my friends. This afternoon, we went to the tip after clearing up bits in the garage and then we had a drink in town. It’s been a lovely day again, Indian Summer as we call it.


We also popped in TK Max as the boss was looking for some pasta however he could not find any. Meanwhile, I found those cute ornaments, multicolored cockerels in glass!


Back at home, I spent more time personalising my  YouTube channel  and I designed my custom thumbnail. First I looked for some explanations and I had to search those most recent videos since YouTube changes fast! So here is one of my videos with its new thumbnail.

If you too have a YouTube channel, let me know and I will visit it.

Special time!


In spite of his busy schedule, my hubby managed to pick a day to go to London in order to visit our daughter. This was last Wednesday. We asked her to ask her boss that this day would be her day off and she sorted it out. We got up at six thirty, had a quick coffee and soon we were driving on the M1.  We also prayed that the Lord protects us during the whole day. On the way there, we were only delayed because of road works but nothing much. There was plenty of parking space in her busy street! We were so pleased to see each other and we were overcome by love and joy. When we finished moving all her stuff we went for a drink with her friend and then to Angels for a curry. When we sat down, the waiter announced that we should be fast as they were closing orders within 5 minutes. Still we had plenty of time to order. I felt blessed that we could have a special time before term starts.




On the way back home that evening, I tried to take a photo (in the car – not a good idea!) of the beautiful skyline, rain and sun giving a special effect, however it seems ruined because of the truck..not that I have got anything against trucks of course…

A prayer today. Thank you Lord for giving us the opportunity for this special time with our daughter and her friend, thank you for the conversation, the love and the joy. Thank you Jesus for what you did on the cross for us, for our new life as none of it would be possible without you. We ask you Lord that you protect all families and give them a special time to appreciate each other according to you love. In Jesus-Christ Amen.

In our new garden…


There are lots of different flowers




And two plum trees to be precise the Mirabelles de Nancy that Steven picked for our party tomorrow. My cousines are visiting us all the way from Bordeaux.



So we are holidaying in Civray in a beautiful campsite at the edge of the town which explains the presence of this herd of cows.
The owners are welcoming and friendly.
This morning I continued reading the Gospel of Mark from ch6 to ch 9. Our Saviour is so understanding and patient with the disciples taking time to explain the paraboles to them (and us) i.e. Mark 7:18 ,Jesus full of compassion and love healed lots of  people, Mark 6:56. One of my favourite passages is when Peter says: you are the Messiah..Mark 8:29 When Jesus tells his disciples that He will suffer a lot, be rejected,put to death and resurrect 3 days later, Peter objected. The idea of the suffering servant was not something the disciples anticipated. Imagine their amazement at what was happening, Jesus forgiving sins,  telling off the Pharisees, calling them hypocrites, feeding the 4000 and then the 5000 with only a few pieces of bread and fish, delivering people from evil spirits..mind blowing stuff and the journey keeps on!
Have a lovely, peaceful and blessed weekend!


This morning I heard my hubby praising the Lord for a sunny weather on his day off. He planned to plant various seeds and didn’t fancy moving cold soil! Before planting he built a special gate that hasn’t got any hinges to stop our two rabbits to go in the vegetable patch to be! image How do we protect our heart against the upsets that assail us daily? It took some time before Steven realised that the rabbits loved digging the soft soil and feeding on the new tender shoots. Spending time with the Lord asking Him to explain the why and what of a difficult situation is the first vital step. It may take a while especially if you are like me, a bit slow..

Secondly, I find patience a must! Steven’s idea to protect our veggie patch never disappeared but for a reason or another whether it was the weather or the lack of wood, he couldn’t get on his task. Reading the Word helps us to focus on the Lord’s timing. The Lord is ‘faithful and he will not let you be tested beyond our strength’ ( 1Corinthians 10-13)

Thirdly, thinking outside the box could be the answer!

The question is ‘Could it be that I am partly responsible for this situation that upsets me. The ‘if I ‘ comes to our humble mind but it’s too late so knowing that our Saviour restores our life and He is our sentinel we say sorry in true repentance and ask the Holy Spirit to comfort us and guide us.

Have a peaceful and blessed week-end!

Day off at Lichfield

Here we are again strolling along in the beautiful market-town of Lichfield! The cathedral is looking magnificent as always. Lots of families are out and about and the market stalls are busy as always! Youngsters looking at the geese and ducks landing on the lake.


We went to have a look at the museum where they had a few old photos; the one that struck me was that of about a dozen of pea-pickers; black and white and very serious since the photographer would have told them no to smile. It reminded me of a photo of my grandmother when she was young!

What are you up to today? Have a blessed Saturday.

Birds in Norfolk

Recently I have neglected taking my camera with me, instead  I have used my mobile to take photos. I took these photos last October when we went to the RSPB Titchwell Marsh and I completely forgot about them. It was pretty windy but we saw lots of beautiful birds. We had a great holiday!

DSCN3474 DSCN3479 DSCN3482 DSCN3503 DSCN3523 DSCN3537 DSCN3548


DSCN3499 DSCN3500 DSCN3514

What a privilege

To be here in Titchwell marsh relaxing and contemplating the Lord”s nature. The diggers are there to restore the damage done by a terrible storm last winter and it is very pleasing to see the amount of effort that the RSPB puts into creating and conserving the natural habitat. We were hoping to see the bearded tits and the warblers however I was excited to film a beautiful lapwing and a hungry seagull !



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