Is the Lord Jesus coming back soon?

Visiting Carcassonne!

There are lots of arguments for and others not yet.

As I was walking to my friend Monique’s house. an old gentleman let me go through the pedestrian street and said: Time is going so fast! I didn’t know him but we live in a very small town Civray in the Vienne, 86,

I answered: Yes I agree and as he nodded and I added : peut-être le Seigneur va bientôt revenir!

He smiled and agreed, continuing the conversation:

I read my bible and I pray everyday!

So, we started to share about Jesus and how the present time was difficult. Bear in mind that we are in France and this kind of conversation between ‘strangers’ is rare,

I thanked the Lord as I had a difficult day so far. The Lord knew and cared and sent some encouragement through this guy enthusiastic about the gospel He told me he was catholic, and I said I was an evangelical. To which he replied, c’est une secte? I answered: not at all and explained it was ‘protestant’ (reformed church) He was keen to let me know his mum was protestant (reformed) but when she married a catholic, she was ‘forced’ to become catholic and bring the kids catholic too. However, the Lord is good, and His Holy Spirit speak to us in different ways.

Thank you, Lord, for your grace, your love and the hope that you provide in abundance to all your children!


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  1. Bonjour, Nicky! There are Roman Catholics who have heard or read the Good News! Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone outside of their Catholic churches and responded by accepting Christ as Savior by faith alone, but they are the exception. The Holy Spirit will draw them out of RC-ism because the two gospels are irreconcilable.


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